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If you've been thinking about creating videos 
but don't know what to say or if you want to
look and sound more dynamic on camera...

This training is for you...

You may already know that there are big waves being made with WebTV…
and they’re only going to get bigger!  HINT: YouTube is a WebTV Network.

But do you realize the full power of the WebTV REVOLUTION and what it can do for you? 

The executive Producer of Access To Experts TV and video expert Ann DeVere,
is hosting a free LIVE VIDEO webinar for you where she'll be covering this and more: 

You’ll learn about:

  1. The 3 factors of Videos that Turn Into cash
    How to plan from the very beginning, so your Videos Turn Into CA$H for you 
    Leave anyone of the 3 factors out and you’ll be wasting
    your hard earned money and your very precious time

  2. What’s happening on WebTV and why you should jump in now 
    Especially if you are NEW to video!

  3. How to Look and Sound your best on Camera
    (even if you're just getting started, or don't like the way you look on camera)
    • Dress For Success
      • How to dress for YOUR Ideal Audience?
      • Which colors and styles work best on camera?
      • Which colors & fabrics you should avoid like the plague?

    • Your Body Language and Facial Expressions
      • What’s your body language REALLY Saying?
      • Learn to communicate without words and come across
        as the confident and competent expert that you are!

  4. Set Up Your Home Studio For Under $300 
     (Includes: Lights…Camera…Headset…Backdrop!!!)
  5. SPECIAL TIP: LOSE 10 pounds or Gain 10 pounds
    It’s all in how you set up your camera

  6. Crafting Your message 
    3-step formula loaded with subtle influence triggers that do the selling for you.
    1. Your HOOK: Grab Their Attention
    2. The Body: Build Their Trust in YOU
    3. Call To Action: Get Your Most Wanted Results

Follow this 3-step template loaded with influence and trust building triggers
and your video tip will air on Access To Experts TV. GUARANTEED!!!

Block 90 minutes of your time for this training and join us
Saturday August 29th at 11am PST / 2pm EST 

Whether you want to create promotional videos or you’re just
thinking about being interviewed on TV, this training is for you!

Because creating videos is only the first part.
The more important part is Turning Your Videos Into CASH.

After you attend this VERY content rich presentation and start applying
these proven technics and strategies, you will attract more clients, 
your business will grow and your impact – and profits – will increase.

The information shared with you, will show you how to catapult your business
with ONE Strategy that will DOMINATE media & marketing,
for many years to come...

Claim Your Title In YOUR Niche as THE “Go To Expert” BEFORE someone else does… 

There's absolutely no charge for this workshop.

You Don’t Have To Be A Star To Star In Your Own Show

Ann DeVere

P.S.: This content rich training will show you how to create videos that convert into sales!