Ready or Not YOU Are Being Shoved Into Show Business!!!

If you are interacting on Social Media, sharing your thoughts, your photos and videos, then how would you like to :

  • Share your knowledge like the Experts on TV
  • Voice your opinion like a TV Commentator
  • Ask questions like a TV Reporter
  • Tell a story like a TV Journalist

Watch this short video to find out how

You Will Learn By Doing…

This is NOT a seminar where you sit hour after hour just taking notes…

You’ll be Working and Learning With Other Experts
in Teams of ONLY 2, 4 and 6

EVERYONE gets Camera Time and Individual Attention!

See How Much Fun Learning Can Be!  

Here is what’s covered during IN-Person Media Intensive

Stepping Into Your Celebrity Mindset
(at least 70% of us have the Reluctant Celebrity Syndrome)

Uncover Your Authentic ON Camera Style and know how to:

  • Share your knowledge like the Experts on TV
  • Voice your opinion like a TV Commentator
  • Ask questions like a TV Reporter
  • Interview like a TV Show Host

·How to turn Facebook LIVE Into Your Video Production and Promotion Partner
·        Turn what you already do on Facebook into your own WebTV show segments on Facebook LIVE. Like:

  • Sharing Advice, Tips and Resources in your expertise
  • Interview other Experts
  • Commenting on other Peoples Posts
  • Sharing your thoughts on Books, Products, Programs
  • Sharing Your Insights about Life and Current Events
  • pretty much everything you already do…

Your Message: Crafting Your Opening Hook to grab your viewers’ attention and have them wanting more


30 day Facebook LIVE video production action plan

Let’s Turn YOUR Expertise, Coaching and Consulting Sessions, Books, Webinars, Seminars, into your own WebTV Show on Facebook LIVE!

Do You Find Yourself Saying:

I wish I had more exposure…
I wish I had bigger clients…
I wish I made more money…
I wish more people knew how much I could really help them…

If you want More Exposure…
You must Tap Into The Power of WebTV!


We know TV production from being on BOTH sides of the camera and that makes all the difference for you! Because the combination of our individual Expertise and Experience has created this unique program!!!

Whether You Want to be Interviewed on TV or Conduct Interviews for Your Own TV Show as a Reporter, Journalist or Show Host

  • This is where you’ll receive the Training and the Tools you’ll need, so that when you’re On The AIR, your content is exciting and YOU Are Magnetic!

I’ll Mentor You as You Break Through Every Barrier, Overcome Every Fear and Become Dynamic on Camera!

  • This is where you’ll learn to Boldly step into your Celebrity Mindset and harness the awesome power of WebTV and play bigger than you’ve ever imagined!
  • This is where you’ll learn to conduct interviews on WebTV from your own $300 Home Studio (includes camera, lights and backdrop) and Turn it Into CA$H
  • This is where you’ll learn how to conduct TV interviews like a pro using a proven system you can repeat over and over again for LIFE.

We’ve trained and interviewed hundreds of experts who are appearing on Network Television as Guest Experts, Hosting their own TV Shows and creating videos for their websites, blogs, social media presence…


Register for “Lights…Camera…Interview!!!” 1 Day Intensive Media Training at a location near you
and get 5 the Hour Masterclass as a Bonus Gift!

Here is what you’ll learn in the 

5 Hour Masterclass

“Everything you need,  from concept to producing to monetizing your show is covered here in one place”
– – Ken Krell

“For the first time, I know how I’m going to Monetize my show”
– – Barbara Wainwright

“It’s an amazing system that Ann DeVere has put together. There is nothing else like it!”
– – Russell Cohn

“You can do this so simply and easily and
it’s not going to cost you a lot of money”

– – Nobby Kleinman

“There is so much that you need to know.
Ann broke it down into bite size pieces…”

– – MarBeth Dunn

“People resonate with the “WHY” more so than what it is you are promoting to them…”
– – Anker bell, Jr.


Imagine what your life would be like if you had a team of 100 or 1,000 working for you while you enjoy your life...

Your Satisfaction
Is My Personal Guarantee!

You won’t realize just how packed with value this one of kind online intensive is until you experience it.

We know how much amazing content we’re delivering but we don’t want you to hesitate for any reason. So we’re inviting you to come and play FULL OUT with us

  • Watch every training episode 
  • Observe every mastermind session 
  • Take tons of notes. You have permission to literally steal the marketing strategies discussed on the TV show 
  • Launch YOUR own Web TV Show
  • Interact with the other attendees and showcase your brilliance 

And if in the following 90 days you haven’t at the very least, doubled your investment because of what you’ve learned in this unique training and you can show me proof that you used every step, you’ll get your entire investment back. And whatever you decide, keep all the free bonuses with my compliments. That way, You don’t risk a penny. How do I make this unparalleled guarantee?
Simple, this is a proven fool proof system!

 Ann DeVere
Executive Producer


1 Ticket to ANY

1 Day Intensive Media Training
Choose a Location Near You!

Online & Offline Combo Package Value – $497

Only $197

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1 Day Intensive


Sydney: March 22, 2018


Dallas: April 21, 2018

Los Angeles: June 21, 2018

Saint Martin (Island)

May 3, 2018


Amsterdam: July 3, 2018

London: July 6, 2018

So, How Much Is Moving to the Next Level
In Your Business Worth To YOU?

“What would it be worth to you to double or even triple your profits immediately because you command higher fees as a leading expert in your industry?

What would it be worth to position yourself in a niche that brought in enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life? Would you pay $10,000? $5,000? Or only $2,500?”

There are programs that cover certain aspects of what it takes to produce your own Web TV Show,  but none of them even come close to covering all that is included in this experiential Intensive, plus they are very expensive (in the $5,000+ range).

This training will pay for itself over and over again with the income your business could generate from Co-Op Marketing dollars alone, not to mention the additional revenue generated from the top level clients you’ll be attracting day in and day out from your growing viewers.

So, what’s the catch?
Why do I offer this incredible opportunity for less than what others charge for just one of the modules we teach in this program? Well, for one simple reason.
We want YOU on our WebTV Network!!!

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