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Go-Global on Facebook LIVE and get in front of thousands of Your Potential Clients! 

Now you can turn YOUR ExpertiseBookWebinars, Seminars, Coaching & Training Sessions into your own WebTV Show and have Facebook deliver your special message…

In this FREE training you’ll learn:  
How to turn Facebook LIVE Into Your Video Production and Promotion Partner and leverage Facebook LIVE to create your show segments and build a following at the same time.

How to use an easy to follow action plan that will POSITION YOU as a “Go-To Expert” in Your Niche in 30 days or less. This ONE Strategy will DOMINATE Your Marketing Plan for years to come.

How to turn what you already do on Facebook into your TV show, like:  

  • Sharing Your Expert Knowledge
  • Your thoughts about Books, Products, Programs…
  • Your Insights about Life and Current Events
  • Commenting on other Peoples Posts 
  • Pretty much everything you already do can be turned into your own WebTV show segments.

You will also learn to: 

  • Identify your authentic On-Camera Style and connect with your audience on a deep emotional level
  • Set up your Portable Studio for under $300 and Go from a talking head to a professional set.  (Includes Lights, Camera, Backdrop and Software)

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Communications tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring.

– Clay Shirky